Eden Floral Design is unique in its fusion of contemporary design, inspiring concepts, and genuine artistry. More than a flower shop, more than a gift store, it is the continuing metamorphosis of our dreams into reality

Eden Floral Design has combined exquisite floristry with a stunning collection of giftware, incorporating a range of hand-blown glassware, ceramics, jewellery, plants, luxurious bath products as well as aromatherapy oils, reeds and incense. All of these have been specially selected for our store, and are exclusive to Eden Floral Design.

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We understand that you can never experience what it is truly like to walk into our shop by visiting a website, it is impossible to transmit the delicate infusion of scents that are the essence of Eden Floral Design, to feel what it is like to hold blooms in your hand and to see the textures and intricacies that only the naked eye can detect; we do hope, however, that this will give you a taste of what the true Eden Floral Design experience is like. We invite you to enjoy our products in our beautiful store located at 49 Frenchmans Rd, Randwick.

We are excited to also offer our new on-line service where you can now view a selection of our unique range.

We look forward to assisting you soon.

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